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The Skinny on Tournament Backgammon

Playing backgammon through events such as tournaments has unquestionably helped the popularity of the game. Though a game that can trace its roots as far back as the ancient times, it is only recently that backgammon has reached a considerable array of audiences thanks to the help of organized competitions such as tournament backgammon.

Tournament backgammon has helped the popularity of the board game as they do not only draw skillful players to compete with one another but also they further sow interest to non-backgammon players who might be attracted to the game after watching such competitions.

It is not surprising that competitions such as tournament backgammon are flourishing as backgammon is a board game very much suitable for such events. Much like chess, backgammon is a very deep game, allowing for the versatility of players that may join such competitions which makes tournament backgammon a fast paced and thrilling spectator sport to watch.

Now, tournament backgammon is not a monolithic event. Much like the other tournaments done in other fields, there are several formats that organizers can opt to choose for the tournament backgammon that will be held.

Since it is important for backgammon players who are intending to join a tournament be familiar with the nature of the backgammon competition that they will be joining, here are two of the most often used tournament backgammon format that organizers utilize in backgammon competitions.

The first type of tournament format used in most tournament backgammon is the elimination type. As the name suggests, this type of tournament eliminates players who lose in matches. The number of losses that players can incur before they are booted out of the competition depends on the type of elimination tournament that is used.

Some elimination tournaments are single elimination ones meaning a player who has already lost once is automatically eliminated. There are also some which are called double knockout tournaments which boots out player only after two losses are incurred.

The other tournament format used in most tournament backgammon competitions is the round robin type. The round robin types of tournament is more suited to small number of participants as there numerous matches involve in this type of tournament since every player is required to face every other player in a round robin type of tournament. Round robin tournament types are not suited to tournament that has a large number of participants as it will take up a lot of time and space to put up.

Tournament backgammon has been one of the great promoters of backgammon due to the large audience that it attracts for the game. As such, players interested in backgammon should try to join such competitions as they promote backgammon to a much wider audience that might be interested in backgammon too.