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Order Your Backgammon Set Online

You can now order your backgammon set online. There are so many choices in terms of materials, workmanship, style and price. You will surely find one that is just right for you.

Big spenders might want to order the $27,300.00 Renault backgammon set made of carbon fiber, sterling silver, leather and Permaglass F1. Its drawing power comes from the pieces of Renault Formula One racecars ntegrated in each set.

For ₤3,000.00 you can order Dunhill's black leather backgammon set. With $4,000.00 you can order the handmade Elie Bleu backgammon set from France, crafted from lacquered sycamore wood with 18 karat gold plated hinges.

If you want your backgammon set to be a piece of furniture as well, order an elegant gaming table in mahogany or oak, with a built in backgammon board, hidden storage for all the pieces, and matching chairs. This will cost you more than a thousand dollars.

If you still want your backgammon set as furniture but are not ready to spend that much, order the smaller table with the built-in board and storage but no chairs. This comes in different price ranges, depending on the style and type of wood used.You can also order a set of drawers with a built in backgammon set.

Alternatively, you can order a tabletop backgammon set for your existing side tables. These come in different kinds of hardwood, also with discreetly built-in storage for pieces.

There are more decorative backgammon set styles to order, too. They come from around the world, intricately carved, hand-detailed or inlaid with various materials such as mother of pearl. You can order your backgammon set brand new or choose from valuable antiques being resold.

A very popular style nowadays is the leather-wrapped backgammon set. Again, you can order from varying price ranges, from several thousands of dollars to under a hundred. They are mostly sophisticated in style, although there is also a roll up version in soft nubuck that is ideal for travelling.

Even more in demand for travelling is the magnetic backgammon set. You can order one that comes in the traditional attache case style in either wood or aluminum. There is also a roll-up style similar to the nubuck version but in synthetic materials.

If maximum portability is an issue, there are pocket versions of the backgammon set to order.

It is very convenient to order your backgammon set online. Just make sure you know exactly what you want among the many available choices.