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Online Backgammon Game Software

Backgammon is fast becoming a favorite table game. But its modern version, online backgammon game, is more popular worldwide. While traditional backgammon offers the usual backgammon checker type of game, there are different software for online backgammon games.

For risk free and non monetary online backgammon game but nonetheless exciting and challenging, with fun money betting and realistic use of bankrolls, the choice is the online backgammon game Play65.com. This software enables players to play online backgammon games with players from different parts of the world using fun or real money, mock or real game sessions. Mock online backgammon games allows testing of one's skills and strategies before going all out on a live online backgammon game with real money.

Online backgammon game software Play56.com also features Sit and Go tournaments. These are games that help gauge players' skills and see if they are eligible for top level tournaments. With Play65.com an online backgammon game may be played with a free $10 fun money.

Gammon Empire is another online backgammon game software. It uses state-of -the-art features in Internet backgammon and helps sharpen skills for Sit and Go tournaments. There are also cash rewards at stake and one can play against the best online backgammon game players in the world. This online backgammon game software is heavily featured with 3D graphics.

The Skillgammon software, on the other hand, is largely a skills and strategy game software that relies more on wit than on luck. This online backgammon game software pits players with the computer. Moreover, instead of casting a dice, this online backgammon game software gives the player 5 choices of dice results. After the 5 dice results are used up, the computer gives the player another 5 choices, and so on.

Another exciting online backgammon game software is the GameColony.com. This game offers free online tournaments, though there are also exciting competitions which involve money. Aside from online backgammon games, GameColony.com also offers online tournaments in Chess, Checkers, Gin Rummy, Cribbage, and Domino.

Finally, there is the stimulating BackgammonMasters, the popular online backgammon game system. It offers one of the best online venues for several online backgammon game softwares that make us of modern electronic features that make online backgammon games more challenging and thrilling.

Online backgammon game softwares are one of the reasons why online backgammon games are more worth the time for playing over traditional backgammon. The various softwares available allow for both free and real money online backgammon games and worldwide tournaments.