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So you want to learn to play Backgammon online...

This is a quick and straightforward introduction to Backgammon games. Here, you learn to play Backgammon online, find about its history and variations, how to improve your Backgammon strategies or acquire new skills to optimize your bets and increase your bankroll.

It doesn't take much reading to learn to play Backgammon, but you must practice a great deal before you can dream of entering Backgammon tournaments and win high stake games. You need to understand a few basic concepts, know the major Backgammon variations and learn to pick a good Backgammon table to play.

Our team will not only give you the proper tools to learn to play Backgammon, but also a few hints on how to behave in Backgammon gambling rooms, how to develop winning strategies and betting tricks and how to pick out the best online Backgammon tables and bonuses.